Monday, October 25, 2010

I LOVE the "eco-multi wash"!!!!!!

I use and LOVE the eco-multi wash at my home and at my Wellness Center. The lemongrass and lavendar combination is perfect, only a small amount is necessary to fully cleanse, & it leaves the skin silky smooth and non-greasy/soapy feeling. All of my patients and clients love this product!

Phil J. Tavolacci
Owner, TAVO Total Health, LLC

The LOVE of raw chocolates, holeco® life chocolates

The holeco life product line is simple the highest quality and value available for uber-premium raw chocolate (Chakra line) and pharmaceutical grade essential oils. I’ve experienced a higher state of awareness and peace when using these products and highly recommend this to someone looking for the best in class holistic products. Great stuff!

Sam Saddigh, Brand Strategist

Testimony from a World Traveler on our "eco-foundation sunblock brush"!!!!!!!!

Eco-foundation sunblock brush Working the in travel business and being on the road often doesn’t leave much time for packing…(or space!) and one cosmetic gem that I never leave behind is Holeco Life’s eco-foundation sunblock brush! I leaves my skin glowing, provides just the right coverage, includes sunblock and is made of pure all natural minerals. From the beach to a business meeting, this product works perfectly in any situation and allows me to travel light and in my field of business less is more!

Lillian Avilés President/Founder Flor Escapes & Voyage PR, LLC

A super happy holeco® life product user!!!!!!!

I have been using
holeco® life
products for a couple of years now. Honestly, I cannot even compare these products to anything else I have ever experienced...EVER. It is not just about the products themselves, but it is also about Honi and the people who have supported her that emulate the meaning of beauty from within. It has been a life-changing experience for me, personally.

Honi and her staff have spent countless hours educating me, informing me, working with me, counseling me, supporting me, endlessly and unconditionally. I have used the
holeco® life
sunscreen. I have a somewhat fair complexion. I have been at the beach an entire day in the sun and let me tell you...IT WORKS!

I also use a variety of the
holeco® life
makeup. It feels good. It's that simple. These products go on easily, lightly, they have a "refreshing" /energizing feel when applied, they last all day, they remove easily, all of it. Perfection!
holeco® life
products are topical, but the effect they have on me/for me, works from within. It doesn't really get better than that.

In our world today, we choose with whom we have a relationship; we choose what products we put on/into our bodies; we choose individually what we want and what we want to be as individuals in a very complex society. Honi, her staff, the people who support her and Holecolife products take away the complexity of it all.
holeco® life
is a product line that works our individuality from the inside out. It is as simple as that. And, it shows! I am living proof.
Teresa Graham VA