Friday, August 20, 2010

A wonderful testimonial about our eco-eyeliner and eco-bug spray! Non-toxic, eco-friendly and more!

Enjoy reading about the two beautiful testimonial we received to share with you about our
eco-eye liner and our eco-bug spray. - Honi Borden

Dear Honi,

I had been having numerous sensitivity issues with my daily black eyeliner. I tried to replace it with several other pharmacy and department store brands, and still had the same issue. My daughter purchased a HOLECO brand black eyeliner for me on her last visit at your spa; I tried it, and it worked! It did not irritate my eyes, it went on smooth, and lasted all day!

I garden often and am always being attacked by bugs. The bug spray developed by HOLECO is amazing. I felt safe spraying it all over myself from head to toe since it is comprised of organic ingredients. It kept away the bugs; even!

Best Regards,

Nadia from VA

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